Mitsubishi Galant VR4 RS Mods:

Performance mods:
When i bought the car it had these mods already done by a good jap owner.
Two Litre,Dual Overhead Cam,4 Valve,Multi Point Injection motor. Here.
Std 2.5 inch downpipe,Cat back 3 inch Mandrel Bent exhaust with large rear stainless muffler
Turbo: TDO5H Big 16g with 7cm exh housing.
HK$ air filter,The large replacement canister with green foam filter.
HK$ air filter,The large replacement canister with green foam filter.
Light weight factory flywheel.Here.
Standard chip in ECU ( speed/boost/fuel cut)
9 Psi boost with cat in place.
External venting "PROF" BOVHere.
Cusco short shift kit.Here.
JIC adj height coil over susp,front adj camber plates,front strut brace.Here.
Tociko TRD spec inserts in all four coil overs ( Fuckin hard ones).
15 x 6.5 Advan rally and trial rims, 205 x 55 tyres
Chassis plate, Rego sticker and VR4 RS Sticker.Here.
This setup was good for a 14.5 1/4 mile time.

Stage 1 Mods:

Removed the cat converter, this made the boost go from 9 psi all the time to creeping up to 15 psi
Screw removed to get rid of speed cut, gets fuel cut at 6000rpm in 5th (215 kph).
17 psi boost,with a $2 t piece.
Fuel pump re wire.
Backed out the adjustment screw in the air flow meter.
Adjustable Koni Yellow shocks Front, due to the Tocikop front drivers leaking.(part no 8610 1320 sport)
This bought me down to a 13.665 1/4 mile time.( with a slipping clutch )

Stage 2 Mods:

Straight thru tail pipe to replace shit aftermarket jap muffler.
Custom intake from air filter to turbo,3.5 inch that necks down to 2.5 at turbo Here.
Two Stage Turbosmart Boost Controller (std or 18psi).Here.
Aluminum Breather catch canHere
Removal of Fuel Pressure and Butterfly control solenoid
Direct vacuum line feeds to BOV,Fuel pressure regulator,boost gauge and butterfly control actuatorHere.
Battery relocated to boot.Here.
Heavier duty clutch needed,as the new one lasted 8 weeks before it slipped ( it was alright on 18 psi but 21psi,avgas and straight thru rear pipe killed it )
This bought me down to a 13.012 1/4 mile time a new slipping clutch)

Stage 3 Mods:

Custom intercooler piping, 2 1/2 inch in 2 mm ali. Here.
Bosch motorsports pump is 235 litres per hour and supports 520 bhp at 73.5 PSI ( part no 0 580 254 040-390 ) Here.
Exedy Extreme Clutch 5puk brass button with 2400 pound pressure plate ( part no R622NHDB).Here.
Volk TE37 wheels,16x7 in bronze. Here.
gearbox rebuild with new seals,bearings and new scryno's on 2nd and 4th. Here.
Evo 2 air flo meter with 4 inch intake to turbo and k and n pod filter.
Apexi SAFC fuel controller.
Evo 3 exhaust manifold.
Custom 2.5 inch o2 housing and full 3 inch exhaust system .
Replaced PCV valve with elbow for better breathing.
This bought me down to a 12.500 1/4 mile without a slipping clutch)
Nippon denso 720cc injectors .
MRT Custom written chip for the 720cc inj as well as 8000 rpm rev cut and 5500 rpm launch control.
This bought me down to a 12.258 1/4 mile without a slipping clutch)

Other stuff:
HKS electronic fuel pressure guage.
HKS electronic EGT guage.
HKS mechanical boost guage gauge
Carbon fibre ralliart gear knobHere.
Kenwood Head cd unit/JVC Splits front,Factory 6 inch rear.

Wheel Alignment:
Camber 1.5 deg negative
Toe 0.2mm positive
Castor 2.45 deg positive
Camber 1.5 deg negative
Toe 2.2mm positive

Weight Reduction:
Car weighed 1360kg with 1/4 tank of gas when i first bought it
Removal of the aircon system.Here.
Removal of the Boot and fuel release.
Removal of the under carpet sound deadening.
Removal of the rear seating heating ducting.
Removal of the vent in boot.
Removal of the standard air intake.
Removal of the front map pockets.
Removal of the grille in front of the intercooler.
Removal of the second horn.
Removal of the a lot of foam out of the rear seats.
Removal of the Stainless muffler(when racing)as it weighs 7.5kg more than the straight pipe.Here.

Hopefully that should get me under the 1300kg mark,the goal is to get into the low 1200 area.
Had the car weighed at air new zealand and it came in at 1292kg, with the spare wheel and boot cleaned out i went down to 1276kg.
In full race trim it ended up at 1234kg, this was with no rear seat,passengars seat,front headlight,muffler and boot cleaned out.


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