12.258 @110.02 MPH

This will be improved on soon

Mitsubishi Galant VR4 RS Times:

Ruapauna Drag Strip, 21/10/2001

Run #1 Car as driven on the roads every day.Full tank of gas as it was 10 cents off per litre the day before.Stock boost (9 psi with creep to 15), full exhaust, mods as per mods list apart from a/c removal.The clutch was slipping real bad all day and car weight was around 1360 kg.Gear changes at 7000rpm The car i raced was a GTX Mazda with a young guy telling all his boys about the way he was going too waste that big fat VR4,he ran a 16.097 @ 95.94,blamed his 1/2 gear change

Run #2Same as above but since i was so close to a 13 i decided to change gears at around 7400 (limiter at 7500).Bad move the time and mph dropped off,from then on 7000 changes.Raced an old guy in a FAIRLADY 260z not much trouble here as he did a 17.656 @ 77.59

Run #3After being so close to a 13 on my first run and then going further away on my second i thought fuck it and whacked the boost up to 17 psi(20 psi spike falling down to 17 at top end of gears).loving it 13.9 and 100 mph gotta love the boost. raced another GTX MAZDA this time with a chick driving, did a better job than the first one but still 15.685 @ 93.55 ain't gonna cut it.

Run #4After 3 qualifying runs it was time for DYO 13.6 looked good on my back window so there it was.230 Cosworth Merc was the first victim and i beat him by more than i thought he had a 16.780 @ 85.22.

Run #5This was the big one ,turns out that a friend of a friend had just bought an EVO 1 from japan with a few goodies hanging off it .Meet Craig (aka Tintin) earlier on in the day as he used to have a VR4 (best time 13.6 as well) so we got on well but now we were racing and it was business.Knew i had to cut a good light to beat him as he was running 12.9 - 13.2 all day and he was off a 12.8 DYO.Lights start counting down and i gun it looking around for the 1 to come past but it ain't happening,cross the line 4-5 car lengths in front cant believe it.get back to the tower get slip red light .334 on a .4 light.Tintin cut a 13.025 @106.88 for the win.Game over good fight good night

# Fuel Dial RT 60' 1/4 Mile
1 96 0.559 1.937 14.038 @ 97.83
2 0.615 2.064 14.354 @ 95.94
3 0.530 2.038 13.932 @ 100.22
4 13.60 0.433 2.005 13.777 @ 100.22
5 13.60 0.334 2.029 13.665 @ 101.12

South Island Four,Six and Rotary Nationals 2002:

Ruapauna Drag Strip,10/2/2002

Changes from last drags
Removal of rear muffler and a section of straight through 3 inch pipe bolted in place
Air Con removed/12 kg of sound insulation etc
New custom air filter to turbo intake fitted
Turbosmart manual boost control fitted (19 psi)
Full interior but every thing else removed
New clutch but still slipping just not as bad as the other one

Run #1 The first run of the day turns out to be me verses the Evo 1 that beat me last time with the lucky red light.This time i was ready boost was up to 21 psi had the straight through exhaust and new intake. The new clutch was in but after putting the straight pipe on the boost was creeping to 21 psi and the clutch that was only 8 weeks old was not coping.Was expecting 13.3 ended up with the 13.012 and the win against his 13.1.He said it was because of a missed 1-2 probably was because the rest of the day he was running 12.6 to 12.9 but hey il take the win thank you.

Run #2Bad news end up against a 20B tubbed mazda 323 that has been converted to rwd.He runs 11.9 i run 13.2 enuf said.I must add that i was surprised at how hard he got off the line.He had a 1.54 60 foot (see video)

Run #3Twin turbo Supra with a front mount a 5 speed box,this one has me worried. i knew i would get him off the line and I did but I kept on looking out my side window waiting for him to come past .to my surprise he didn't my 13.4 to his 13.5 afterwards he used the good old missed 1 2 shift story but he seemed to be running in the low 13's all day with one 12.9.i loved beating that one.Gutted when i went to pick up my slip it was missing had to reley on the times that were heard over the pa

Run #4Another big one WRX STI with the number plate KPF,a friend had heard that it was real quick so i thought here we go im going to get spanked by the enemy in front of the biggest crowd at the drags for ages.The clutch is not holding shit and as soon as i drop the clutch it goes straight to the limiter slipping all the way through first.Drive it hard all the way for the win.I run 13.5 he run 13.3 @ 100.45 but his reaction time was .99 of a second slower.good 1.8 60 foot for him but the slow mph show that he aint got that much under the bonnet

# Fuel Dial RT 60' 1/4 Mile
1 Racing 100 Octane 0.618 1.877 13.012 @ 105.38
2 0.653 2.008 13.233 @ 104.90
3 0.000 0.000 13.4
4 0.593 2.089 13.541 @ 104.40

South Island Four,Six and Rotary Nationals 2004:

Ruapauna Drag Strip,07/03/2004

Changes from last drags
full 3 inch down pipe from back of turbo
weight down to 1270kgs in race trim(still full interior
New evo afm and pod filter, andnew turbo intake fitted
running 21 psi
2 1/2 inch i/c piping
600hp bosch intank pipe
Apexi safc running -5% on full throttle
New volk 16x7 te37 mags, 8 kg's lighter than old advan's
New clutch that is finally not slipping

Run #1 First race of the 2004 nats and it's against ryan who had been talking up his vr4 for as long as mine had been off the road, about 1 month after the 2002 nat. had my doubts as he now had a big new turbo and external , chipped comp,larger inj against all my std gear.light goes green we both red light and i show him that big aint always better he runs 14.6 to my 13.3.track was real slippery due to us being the first one's down it hence the shitty 60. but it was still a win and that was worth a bottle of bonded beam and $50. hahahahaha

Run #2Up against a nice evo 2 with the plates idling, evos always had to beat and i knew that another 13.3 would not cut it.both launch togtherbut im still having trouble with the .5 tree and red light again .the evo had about 1.5 cars on me at half track but to my suprise i start pulling on the evo and we cross the line even. my 110 mph to his 104 show that the vr was making some nice top end but he took the win with a 12.707

Run #3There was a young guy in the pits with a white vr4 that wanted a go so what the heck, i had two red light so far and not a time i could use for a place in the top 16 hopefully. .As luck would have it as i stop on the line i put it in to neutral and waited for the light s to go green , drop the clutch and all i do is bounce off the limiter. look down and car not in gear, by the time i get moving there was no chance of a red light and i still take the win.

Run #4Made it through to the top 16 after a car had to pull out, first round i strike a gtr skyline that had been running low 11 sec , not looking good.try to get the holeshot end up redlighting, he runs a 13.3 but at 127 mph he just goes cruzing by at half track like im going backwards

Run #5After being knocked out of top 16 i start looking for some grudge action, see a nice new evo 8 bog stock so i hit him up and he all keen. He was smiling until i lay a 12.5 to his 13.7

Run #6 See fellow club member AKO (mark) trying to hide in ther corner so i tell him to back up all the twin turbo vr4 talk that has been going on,i get an average start and its all tied up at half track then the single turbo power comes on and i clean him up by .6 of a second.

Run #71/4 final round round of the C1 (4wd turbo) class it includes 6 cyd as well so you end up with gtr skylines, end up running against a grey evo 1, he has been doing mid 13 all day so i tell him im round there as well .He run 13.880 i run 12.646 next round please

Run #8semi final run and there are 2 gtr skyline left and me, both are running in the 11sec area so unless they run each other im out, lucky i have some track connections and do some begging and end up with a by run. Was going to take it easy but i see the phgotographer for NZPC on the start line so i launch it and run best time so far.

Run #9Bad news is that the grey gtr gets through to the final and unless he brakes im gone.i cut a good light and hold him out to about half track and then he just cruzs past to run a 11.286 @ 126 mph( the car has since run 10.3) so i end up with second place and i can drive the caer home which is always good

# Fuel RT 60' 1/4 Mile
1 Racing 100 Octane 0.309 2.176 13.327 @ 106.38
2 0.441 1.914 12.807 @ 110.007
3 2.306653 1.802 12.596 @ 107.91
4 0.257 1.930 12.846 @ 108.70
5 0.732 1.737 12.581 @ 107.91
6 0.686 1.950 12.947 @ 109.48
7 0.759 1.794 12.646 @ 109.48
8 1.313 1.722 12.525 @ 109.22
9 0.730 1.711 12.500 @ 110.02


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